WordPress Plugins

A plugin is a nifty piece of software which when installed; add a lot of features and functionality to a WordPress website. Plugins are written in PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress creating a fantastic user experience.

And the best part is, one need not write a single line of code to install and use these plugins for the WordPress website. However, one needs to exactly know which of the plugins to be used so that they create a brilliant user experience and don’t slow down the site.

Some of the top WordPress development companies use these plugins effectively to amazing effect. Thus, the following are some of the Top 10 must have wordpress plugins

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolute must have to analyze the performance of your website. It allows you to know exactly what a visitor is doing on your site. And the best part, like most Google goodies, it is absolutely free!


This is a fantastic tool which helps sort out the clutter of spam. Once it is installed, this WordPress plugin would check all of the comments against the Akismet web service to evaluate if they look like spam or either something genuine, it then allows you to review what has been found in the comments section of your WordPress blog so that you can decide if you want to delete it or not.

Google XML Sitemaps Generator

This WordPress plugin is perfect to create a sitemap easily for your WordPress blog. They can get you indexed by major search engines. Sitemaps are useful for the search engine indexes, as sitemaps automatically list your new content so that the search engines can crawl it.

WP Super Cache

This is a plugin that helps you save server space. It converts all of your pages into static HTML files and shows these static pages to visitors. Your PHP site is only used when they want to sign in or comment. WordPress PHP is heavier, so this saves space.

Ninja Forms

Forms allow the visitors to contact you. Create beautiful, highly functional and inviting forms with a free version of Ninja Forms. The building interface is also very simple and clear so that even a beginner can pick up in no time.


Protect your most important asset on the net, your website, with WordFence. This open source and a free plugin are capable of providing enterprise-level security. It not only detects any current breaches but proactively works to strengthen the security against any future breach too.


Even after taking the best security measures, it is important to backup your site, so that in a case of an attack, your content is safe. With Updraft Plus one can be sure that the entire website is backed-up and restoration can be easy whenever required.


Pop-ups requesting for email ID’s is a real pain in the… (You know where!) But with Optinmonster, such pop-ups could be made really inviting, so that the visitor, in most cases, would end up parting the email ID thereby increasing your list.

Yoast SEO

We know you strive hard to spice up your content for SEO. But, sometimes you will need the help of a partner which is the best SEO Services Company or the second best option is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO analyses your content and provides inputs/feedback on all SEO elements so you can be sure that it is the most search engine optimized site.


If you are an e-retailer, then WooCommerce is a must for you! One of the most robust e-commerce plugin available on WordPress, it has a host of themes and add-ons making it very easy to set up an e-shop and start generating revenues. It can also handle most payment gateways and has robust reporting options giving you real-time information.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is the biggest platform to start and run a new website or business. Using WordPress allow you to create a website easily with thousands of themes and plugins available for use.

Among several free and premium themes on the internet, below are the few top rated WordPress themes:

Encode Lite

Encode Lite is a theme created for online magazines, newspapers, and blogs. This theme is built using a clean code, so have a user-friendly interface.

It gives you options like the Modern and elegant design, Beautiful slider section, 10+ Widgets, Ads Ready, Responsive layout, Cross-browser compatibility, and translation ready templates.


Newsmag is a clean theme for magazine, news websites, and blogs. It’s a responsive theme, and can so easily be viewed on any device.

Features like fully Responsive, Customizable and Search Engine Friendly (SEO ), Microformats, and Font Awesome icons make this theme beautiful and simple to operate.


Oblique is a beautiful featured-rich theme with many more features. If your website is not in the English language then you can enable its ‘localization” feature. Other feature included are Browser Compatibility, Theme Options Panel and Clean & Validated Code, which make easy to use for any user.

Other features include Browser Compatibility, Theme Options Panel, and Clean & Validated Code, which make the theme easy to use.


Mesa is a clean coded free WordPress theme that can be used on any blog. Clean masonry layout, some bold custom Google font and a lot more of other features make this theme beautiful.

Here you can add images, galleries, quotes, audio or video to the posts for expressing your feelings.


Another free WordPress theme developed using Bootstrap 3. It’s a responsive again so suitable for all devices. This is a unique theme created for personal use. it is also used in corporation websites such as health institutions, fitness sites, education sites, finance sites, business sites, travel sites, web design sites and marketing.

It is also used in cooperate websites such as health institutions, fitness, education, business and finance, travel and marketing.

Free WordPress Themes

Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite is a free responsive one-paged theme for innovative Agencies. Translation & RTL Ready, SEO Friendly, Live Customizer, Custom Backgrounds and many features are included in this theme. Powerful feature makes this theme user friendly.


Dazzling is again developed using Bootstrap 3 that makes it completely optimized for many mobile devices. The theme is used for businesses, blogs, travels, application showcase and creating sales pages.

It is a very high customizable theme that has unlimited color variations, several widgets, flexible featured slides and much more.


A responsive, clean coded free theme developed using Bootstrap 3 which is pretty simple and easy to use. It mainly focuses on wedding themes, however, can be used for other websites making minor changes.

Responsive & Flat Design, Awesome Support, and other features make it lovable.

Parallax One

Parallax One is a simple theme that can be used for any kind of website. Responsive structure, parallax effect, custom logos, icons, and menus, multiple color schemes, tons of social icons, Google Maps integration feature are included in this theme.

Overall, it is a highly customized WordPress theme.


A clean theme used by many businesses and has smooth scrolling, beautiful animations, and full-screen slider. Responsive layout, translation ready, parallax backgrounds, slides or statics image make it amazing.

WordPress Responsive Theme

According to various statistics, there are over 120 million websites. To access these websites, users have many different devices and configurations that they use to access the sites.

Hence, you will need to address these configurations and devices so that you can maintain a consistent digital presence on your website. However, do not freak out just yet. To achieve this, you do not need to overhaul your well-constructed website completely.

In simple terms, a responsive website is one that can be suitably accessed by users across various platforms. I will use the illustration of batteries on a remote control.

Just like replacing batteries on the control with new ones will make it better, there are various reviews you could undertake on your website to make it more responsive.

Here are some of the ways;

Create a mobile version

In responsive web design strategy, starting creating a desktop design before other versions are one of the most popular mistakes. Despite this, most economic merchants insist on using this approach.

However, creating the mobile version of the website first does not require much, since it is easier to create than the desktop version.

Also, it makes more sense to create this mobile version first then scaling up to a more advanced version, the desktop version. When you begin with the desktop version, scaling down to the mobile version poses a lot of challenges, but is important since it helps improve the responsiveness.

Support multiple image resolutions

A website can only be responsive on various platforms if it can support more than a single image resolution. Depending on the user’s device, the loading time for the images is not constant, hence need for many image resolutions.

There are various ways that you can do this, for example using the CSS technique or HTML5 element.

Make the website’s emails responsive

After making the whole website responsive, it is advisable to do the same for the website’s email. This is because mobile users may get frustrated when navigating through the information on the emails you have sent them.

Hence, you should make sure you make your email part of the responsive design and testing process when dealing with the website.

Make your content accessible by mobile users

It is estimated that a larger proportion of internet users use mobile devices. Some web developers may not display content to mobile users, which is often shrunk or hidden in order to reduce the page’s size.

However, this not only makes the site inconvenient for web users but it also does very little regarding resizing.


Nobody likes the idea of driving to unknown places without appropriate directions. Similarly, you should ensure your website is easily navigable by using simple and easy to use themes and buttons. Also, the buttons may be colored to create attention, or you may use menus on every page.

These are some of the general ways you can make your website responsive that can work on various website platforms like HTML and Word press. However, you could research further on the detailed descriptions or guides implement these methods.

Understanding The Importance Of Website Design

In today’s digital world, people are no longer searching for you in phone books. Instead, potential customers are looking for your website on Google and other popular search engines.

As they search for your website, they are comparing it to your competitors’ in order to establish who might offer high-quality services to perfectly fulfill their needs. Thus, having a professionally designed website is pretty beneficial if you want to stand out amongst your business competitors.

This article will disclose to you the importance of website design to your business.

The Importance of Website Design

Understanding The Importance Of Website Design

It Creates a Good First Impression

Whenever meeting a new potential client, it is everyone’s desire to create the best possible first impression. In today’s technological era, your website is basically your store front. Professional website design portrays an excellent image of your business as well as your personality. What’s more? Besides making your visitors want to come again, a professionally designed website also helps your business to win customer loyalty.

Increased Mobile Traffic

According to a recent report from Similarweb.com, more that 50 percent of online visitors to top websites in 2015 used mobile gadgets to access the web. If your website is designed professionally, it will be displayed properly even on smaller screens, therefore driving more traffic to your website.

Ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Essentially, SEO is the optimization of your website with relevant keywords in order to rank higher in search engine results. Statistically, a majority of online visitors will only click on the first three websites generated from search engine result. If your website is lurking on the 5th or 7th page, your business might never be seen by your potential customers. Fortunately, professional website design gives your website higher search engine rankings.

Faster Loading

Internet users, especially those who use mobile devices have short attention spans. Most new visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A professionally designed website not only loads faster on desktops but also on tablets and smartphones.

Encourages Word of Mouth Promotion

If your visitors enjoy their experience on your website, there is a high probability that they will share their amazing experience with friends and family. Outstanding website design accompanied with seamless site navigation is the main ingredient to a great customer experience on any website. Apart from driving lots of traffic to your website, word of mouth promotion also wins you customer trust.

Higher Conversion Rates

A professionally designed website not only attracts more customers but also helps to convert them into buyers. Apart from boosting your conversion rates, having a professionally built website also ensures that your visitors are less likely to turn to your competitors out of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Amazing Offline Surfing Experience

Now that a majority of Internet-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones are HTML-5 capable, a professionally designed website enables users to continue viewing their content with HTML-5 enabled browsers and web applications even if there is no internet connection.

Therefore, you visitors can continue to view your services and products even when they are offline.

Final Thoughts

Even though designing a responsive website needs a great deal of planning, time, research, money, and work, the benefits far outweigh the limitations. Besides enabling your website to load faster, professional website design also creates a good first impression to your online visitors. To reach a wider audience of potential clients, your business must embrace all the benefits of website design elaborated on this page.