Why You Need Preventative Maintenance on Your HVAC Unit


There are many systems that make your home function correctly. Without these systems, your home wouldn’t be the haven that it is. The most important is the HVAC unit. However, did you know that you have to maintain your system just as you would a car? That’s right, your unit needs to be pampered, have the fluids topped off, and have a professional evaluation every year. You wouldn’t drive your car without ever changing the oil would you? HVAC services are vital to the comfort of everybody in the home. For the number one HVAC NYC company, contact NYC’s best HVAC company.

The Inspection


During a preventative maintenance session, the technician will access the unit. They will look for things like low refrigerant levels, lose electrical connections and dirty filters. They will also inspect the condenser and evaporator coil for dirt and debris. The purpose of these sessions is to see if there is anything that could be a problem shortly. That last thing you want is it to be 95 degrees in the New York sun, and your AC is on the fritz. Preventative maintenance can save you from an unnecessary mechanical failure. It can also ensure that your heat exchanger has no holes or cracks and isn’t let carbon monoxide into your home too.

Air Filters Are The Units Lifeline


So many people don’t understand the importance of changing their air filters. The air filter purifies the dirt and debris that is sucked into the system. It stops it from going into the unit and doing damage. The filter should be changed periodically, and it is dependent upon the type of unit that you have and where you live. Those with pets and who live on a dirt road may need to change their filter more often that those who live in the downtown area. Some units have short-term filters and others just need to be washed, and air dried. The important thing is to have them changed to avoid problems.

The Technician Will Top of Fluids


A low refrigerant level can also be exposed during a preventative maintenance session. Quickly being able to identify that there is a leak can save you big time. Eventually, the refrigerant will leak out, and the air will not be cooled. If during the heating cycle, there are some problems that can be identified. It is important to have the system serviced two times per year, once in the heating season and once in the cooling. It will extend the life of your unit and will allow you to remain cozy inside your home.

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